Finches as Pets

There are a great many people who keep finches as pets. They are active little birds with many varieties and colors for you to choose from. They are also relatively inexpensive to purchase and care for.

If you have ever thought that you would like to own a parrot or one of the other popular exotic birds, then a finch for a pet would be good for you. With the delightful little finches birds you will be able to see if a bird is your ideal pet, before you make a huge investment in an expensive bird.

Unlike the parrots and other exotics finches birds do not require huge cages. This makes them perfect to have in a small home or apartment. They are also rather quiet as birds go and when they do sing their songs are quite pleasing to listen to.

When you have finches for pets it does not matter if you are too busy to play with the bird every day. Parrots will become unsocial and pouty if you do not give them a set amount of attention each day. Finches rather prefer to play with other finches than with you. For this reason when you get one you should get a pair.

When you have a pair of these charming little birds then you can enjoy watching the two of them interact with each other. They are playful and will entertain you with their different activities.

Your new feathered friends will not be very demanding. If you provide them with food and water daily and a cage big enough they can move around a little, then they will be happy birds. Placing newspaper in the bottom of the cage that houses your birds will make it easy for you to keep their cage clean and sanitary for them.

Most of these little birds are very social. They are usually very good with children and rarely harm another pet. When you get your finches birds if you get more than a couple try to stay with birds that are about the same size. Sometimes the larger birds will pick on the smaller ones when they are caged together. If you do have a mix of sizes just watch for signs of fighting or bullying behavior.

With these little birds you should not need to handle them unless they need their nails clipped or you need to do something to their cage. They do not generally make good birds to hold and pet like some species of cockatiels and parrots do. The finch birds prefer to be left untouched.

Should you need to remove the bird from its cage just put the palm of your hand against the birds back, and wrap your fingers around the little bird. Be careful not to squeeze the bird when you are holding it. Generally they will not bite. If the bird does bite you it will not harm you like a parrot could. The bite of a finch will feel more like a pinch and should not break skin or cause bruising.

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