I am Ralph Siskin, and I am a Finch owner and enthusiast. I have been learning alot about my Finches and Finches in general. I decided to write about my knowledge and share it with other Finch owners and lovers of these absolutely adorable little birds.

In this website, you will find a lot of information, which I believe is truly informative, and which I took some time to research, write and put onto the site. Please look around the site and you will find articles on the why Finches make great pets, types of Finches, housing and health related issues for Finches, and my FREE mini course that I think you will find very helpful and enlightening  for you.

One thing I learned not only doing the research but when speaking with other Finch owners, is these little birds bring much joy and entertainment to their owners. So we owe it to them to take as good of care of them as we can.